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Deodorizing stinky pipes is something I have done for years.  It is an arduous process which includes alcohol cleaning, and on and on with only moderate success.

In March, 2009 Dave bought a commercial Ozone generator.  He constructed and tested an Ozone chamber for deodorizing and sanitizing pipes which I now use.  The results are amazing!  Ozone’s ability to deodorize even the smelliest pipes is unsurpassed!  Ozone actually oxidizes odors and removes them,  It does not cover them up.  I have deodorized pipes that were the worst of the worst with 100% success.  Pipes come out of the Ozone chamber smelling like fresh air.

A side benefit (at least for us pipe smokers) is Ozone’s ability to sanitize; 50 times greater than chlorine and much, much greater than alcohol.  Some say bacteria is embedded in the briar of smoked pipes.  Alcohol won’t destroy it.  Ozone absolutely does.

If you have pipes that stink, have bought estate pipes that stink or may contain bacteria, want to sell pipes that have no odors, or have changed tobaccos and just want to get rid of the smell of the old stuff in your favorite pipe, send them to me.  I will place them in my Ozone chamber for 36 to 48 hours and get rid of any and all odors and deeply embedded bacteria.

The cost is just $5 for the first pipe, and $2 each for each additional pipe plus return USPS Priority shipping (usually $8.00).  The process takes 36 to 48 hours.  If I am only deodorizing your pipes I will turn them around in 2 to 3 days.  I will also deodorize and sanitize pipes here for repair or restoration for the same price. 


An Ozone Generator

Click HERE for an article that covers Ozone completely including its unsurpassed ability to deodorize and sanitize. 

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