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Walker Briar Works - Although no longer doing pipe repairs, Dave and Sue Wolff still have their hands full.  They continue to handle Vulcanite Stem Restoration Kits.  They continue to list and sell high quality Consignment Pipes on their website for those wanting to “thin the herd” or upgrade their rotations and collections.  Although Dave doesn’t repair pipes anymore, he still knows em’.  Please check out their familiar website.

Cup O’ Joes - Uses and recommends Walker Pipe Repair for their pipe repairs.  Honored by Dunhill as the #1 Dunhill Retailer in the USA for 2005 and 2006, this very fine pipe and tobacco (and much more) shop is located in Queensbury, NY.  It is owned and operated by Eric Josten.  Eric sells everything from the fine Dunhill pipes and tobacco to beef jerky, and lots of good stuff  in between.  He has over 1,000 pipes on display in his shop and displays several hundred on his website.  An excellent website worth the time spent browsing.

MKELAW-PIPES - If you are looking for a place to buy beautifully made pipes or Estate pipes, or sell or get help selling fine Estate Pipes, check this site.  Dave Neeb knows pipes.  He has been buying and selling top quality Estate Pipes at reasonable prices for some time.  He also brokers pipes for people wishing to sell them without the hassle.  Dave also makes gorgeous hand made pipes.  If you’re looking for beautiful and unique hand made pipes, this is the place

G.L. Pease - Greg Pease has a website chucked full of wonderful information on some of the world’s most pristine pipes and many photos from his extensive collection of fine pipes.   He also sports many interesting tobaccos and has an area dedicated to information about tobacco.  Greg’s sight is well worth a look.

NASPC - North American Society of Pipe Collectors.  This group, formed in 1994, working to promote pipe smoking, sharing of information, and fellowship.  They have a quarterly news letter and sponsor pipe shows all over the country.  A great bunch of people here.

TobaccoReviews.com - Thousands of reviews of hundreds of excellent, good, fair and poor pipe tobaccos.  If you want some idea of what most any tobacco in the world smells, tastes and smokes like, look here.

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