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Pipe Repairs

Standard No-Scuff  Repairs

Vulcanite (Hard Rubber)

  • Small & Medium - Straight*



  • Large - Straight*



  • 7-9” Churchwarden (Bent)



  • Freehand Std. Danish - Bent


Dunhill Fishtail

  • Hand Shaped w/Dot*


Charatan Double Comfort

  • Hand Cut with “CP” Stem Logo


Peterson P-Lip 

  • P-Lip with “P” Stem Logo


Brebbia & Hilson Fantasia


Special Stem Shaping

  • Vulcanite and Lucite

$  5.00 & up

        *Bent Stems

  • Except Charatan & Peterson

Add $ 3.00

Lucite Std. Black/Colors




Hand Cut Vulcan./Lucite

$89.00 & up

Hand Cut Cumberland

  • Duplicate, Fancy or Custom

$89.00 & up

Vulcanite or Lucite

  • Special Cutting/Danish Style

$  5.00 & up

     *Add to Straight Stem

  • Bend Stem

$  3.00


  • Refit & Polish Stem


Transfer Hardware

  • Kaywoodie Stinger, Bands, Etc.


Delrin Tenon Replacement

  • Refit Stem - New Tenon


Vulcanite or Lucite Tenon

  • Refit Stem - New Tenon


Replace Push-Pull

  • Meerschaum Connector


Rejoin Broken Shank

  • Internal Stainless Tube  Repair

$30.00 & up

Rejoin Vulcanite Stem

  • Rejoin Broke Vulcanite Stem


Splice Vulcanite Stem

  • Replace Chewed or Broken
        (Button End to Save Logo)


Band Shank-Nickel/Silver

  • Short to Long

$18.00 & up

Band Shank-Sterling Silver

  • Short & Long

$27.00 & up

Comoy’s Stem Inlay

  • 3 Part ‘C’ (Inlaid)


Cavicchi Disk

  • 2-Part Inlay


GBD Stem Tags

  • Original Brass Rondelles


GBD, Jobey, etc.

  • Transfer logo to new stem


Sasieni 4-Dots

  • 4 OEM BLUE Dots


Sasieni 2-Dots

  • 2 OEM BLUE Dots



  • White Stem Dot



  • Brass Dot



  • “CP” Stem Logo Stamp



  • “P” Stem Logo Stamp


Ozone Deodorizing

  • First Pipe

$   5.00

         and Sanitizing

  • Each Additional Pipe

$   2.00

Ream, Clean and Polish**

  • Cut cakes, drill & refresh

$16.00 & up

Tooth Marks or Dents**

  • Remove or Reduce or Fill

$12.00 & up

Refinish Bowl**

  • Sand, stain and polish

$30.00 & up

*Open Airway to 5/32”

  • Straight Pipes



  • Bent Pipes


** See Full Pipe Restoration

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Cavacchi Logo2

Cavicchi Disk

Comoy’s 3-Part “C” Inlay

Sasieni 4-Dot Blue


No-Scuff Repairs

* Opening the air path in a pipe can make a dramatic difference in the way it smokes.  Read Airflow: The Key to Smoking Pleasure by Ken Campbell on the Pipedia website.

It is not possible to list all types of repairs here.  Please feel free to call me anytime for prices or additional information at 734-945-1691.

I am very careful with every pipe I repair.  I take personal pride in every finished product.  Materials used in pipes (Briar, Meerschaum, etc.) are very fragile.  For that reason, all responsibility is with the owner for any damage to a pipe during the repair process.  I will repair any undisclosed breakage or shank cracks at the owner’s expense (after receiving verbal permission) before going ahead with additional repairs

Minimum reaming and cleaning will be done at no charge.  This insures a better stem fitting.  Pipes are always returned buffed and Carnauba wax polished.

Actual shipping costs are added to the repair total.  USPS uninsured  return shipping is $6.00 minimum.  If you desire, USPS Insurance can be added on the Invoice Payment Page at the time of payment..

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