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Full Pipe Restoration is normally done on fine Collector pipes or old favorites that need a new life.  “Full Pipe Restoration” means making a pipe like brand new, including the need to break the pipe in as was needed when it was brand new.

I take great pride in my restorations.  There are no “Before/After” photos posted here as none are needed.  Just visualizing your Collector pipe or “Old Pal” as it would have looked brand new. 

Full Pipe Restoration Includes:

  • Restoring Stem - Remove ALL tooth Marks, reform button
       or replace Stem if necessary and authorized
  • Open the Airway to 5/32” where pipe size allows
  • Refinish Rim - Remove all charring, rerusticate (if appropriate)
  • Strip, sand and restain bowl - Remove scratches, dents, etc.;
  • Rerusticate Bowl where appropriate or necessary
  • Remove carbon from tobacco chamber, reround bowl and finish
  • Sanitize entire airway and freshen
  • Buff and Polish with multi-coats of Carnauba Wax

Full Pipe Restoration Costs:

  • No Stem Replacement


  • Replace Straight Vulcanite Stem

add $24.00

  • Replace Straight Lucite Stem

add $27.00

  • Replace Lucite Fancy Stem

      add $27.00

Full Pipe Restoration adds new life to any pipe, and makes Collector pipes more valuable for investment or resale.

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